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Referee showed a green card to discipline a player(full details)


A green card has been shown in the CONIFA World Cup on Monday – a first in the history of football.

ACCORDING to CONIFA rules a “player who receives a green card must leave the field of player immediately.”However, instead of going down to ten men, they can be replaced so long as the team has not used all of it’s substitutes.The player will also be available for the next game.

THREE years ago Serie B┬áintroduced a green card – but this was not used to punish players. Instead it was shown to players who showed “acts of virtue” on the pitch. The names were then noted and a list of the “most correct” players was then compiled at the end of the season.


The Conifa World Football Cup is represented by nations that are not affiliated with FIFA

THE 16-team tournament kicked off on 31st May and runs for ten days.It features countries who are not affiliated with the sport’s world governing body.

The grand final will take place on Saturday, June 9.

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