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Tempest: James F. Cunningham (Poem)

The oceans began churning,
She rose up from depths.
Her anger was discerning,
She’ll cause deadly effects
Powerful storms are forming,
Lightning flashes in her eyes.
The skies begin transforming,
Today, there will be no sunrise.
The Tempest causes destruction,
She’s a goddess born to power.
Tired of mankind’s obstruction,
It will be swept away in an hour.
The winds are growing stronger,
The waves are building up higher.
It could last a whole lot longer,
It is whatever Tempest desires.
A Tsunami rises from an earthquake,
Waves stretching towards the sky.
The ocean floor is beginning to break,
Her terrible anger begins to amplify.
This warning they all must heed,
They will never receive another.
She won’t listen as they plead,
They can destroy one another.
James F. Cunningham © 20.07.2018

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Prince Israel Ajifolokun is an award winning gospel artist,an entrepreneur, and an accountant. He is the C.E.O of Trinity Show Media; An informative, educating and entertaining platform where Music video and audio, product, business, article, fashion, comedy, poem are promoted massively


  1. Omiata first son July 21, 2018

    This is nice, I love it ….i was here


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