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Brian Sher in his book What rich people know and Desperately want to keep secret wrote – “it is your duty and responsibility to learn something. When you find out what successful people know that has made them successful. The only way to do that is to get educated on the topic”. When you know the rules of making money, success becomes a lot more easier & if you keep learning, success builds on success.
One key reason why success eludes people too often is because people fail to associate success with learning & that’s where they go wrong.
To attain & achieve success, there are steps, methods and guidelines to follow but to explore and excavate the full potential of all this steps, rules, guidelines, methods or whatever you might call it there are Master keys to be utilised & this master keys are the ultimate short cut to success
Now let me break down this short cuts into bits and pieces

Master key short cut 1
Get Educated: Those who follow my sessions well know that this point is always the backbone of all my sessions, But today I would attack this point from a different angle.
A whole lot of businesses and business owners have overrated the value of institutional education. They place certificates above practical knowledge. And lots of business men have also underrated the value of gaining additional knowledge. They’ve failed to balance the education gotten from higher institutions with the secrets of the streets. Education does not end with knowing the overall view of your business alone. As a good businessman or employee or individual, to succeed you need to have an all round knowledge about everything that surrounds you.
In Business, a business owner that knows nothing about sales, marketing, budget & planning, purchase, advertising, customer relations, financial management, leadership and so many more has failed before starting that business, And such business would collapse within a few years.
You don’t necessarily have to be a genius in all this field but you must have key knowledge about all the above mentioned areas. Else those you employed to fill in those positions would take you for a ride once they notice that the oga at the top is a novice

Master key short cut 2
Get a mentor: No matter how far in life you think you’ve gone, how successful you think you’ve become, how high up you think you’ve climbed, how far you think you’ve run; always know that there would always be someone ahead of you, And that someone would always be better than you. There would always be someone who is ten steps ahead of you. Which then gives to say that to succeed and be able to achieve what he who is ahead of you has achieved, you need to be tutored; And whats the best way to be tutored than you been mentored by that person who is doing better than you.

The best and fastest way to climb up the ladder is to get someone who has been there, done that and succeeded in your field of interest. Let that person pull you up.
You will succeed but which is better, you beating about the Bush trying to find a path or getting someone who is a guide that knows the way
To have an all rounder success, get a mentor in virtually every area
Get a mentor in your business circle.
Get a mentor who has succeeded in his or her own field.
Get a mentor who is sound In financial management.
Get mentored by one who is a born leader.
Get mentored by someone who is a great planner.
Get mentored by a great executioner. (I’m not talking of the executioner in game of thrones ooo), I’m talking of someone who knows how to execute a plan. Wake the up and before their feet touches the ground the can execute anything you’ve planned.
In every area and spheres of business get someone to mentor you.
There are some people who can save funds like no man’s business, Get such person to mentor you. Getting a mentor is one of the easiest thing you can do.
Some you can walk up to and ask them and they would willingly oblige you.
Some mentors you have to follow and understudy.
Some you have to serve under. Some you just have to bribe them with your deeds. But know this, Never go looking for a mentor without having something to offer in return.

Master key short cut 3
Investing in those who add value to you: So many individuals like to receive but never give in return. If someone had or is adding value to you, curtsey demands that you reciprocate.

Reciprocating comes in various forms and values.
If someone who adds value to u has a program on TV or If he has a program on radio watch and listen to it and give a good comments of encouragements, recommendations and help push the program in whatever way you can.
If he has a book out in the market buy it
If he has a seminar organised attend.
In whatever way you can invest in them, do it.
That’s the greatest way to appreciate whoever adds value to you.
Make sure you add value to them also. Most people fail to understand that the knowledge and wisdom they imparted unto us didn’t come cheap for them also. They also paid a price. This is one thing the wealthy understand And why they would keep supporting and raising each other up, But fail to raise the poor. Because to them those classified as poor do not have any sense of appreciation. Saying thank you is good but showing appreciation is king
What do you think would happen if you send a 1000 recharge card to someone who has added value to you. He or she would be willing to go the extra mile for you even when you do not request for any value addition.
If he has a program on air and you send 5k to him as support for his program, Do you think he would forget you. Anytime you need anything, Maybe a reference for a better job, What do you think would happen.
Showing a sense of appreciation does not necessarily have to be on par with the value they added to you, It’s the spirit in which it was done that matters.
I remember a mentor of mine was giving a scarf by a young girl who watches his program on TV. The girl is not based in Nigeria, but my mentor is based in Nigeria. During the recording of the next season the man came on set wearing the scarf around his neck and gave the girl the best advert ever on TV. Pls tell me did the girl pay for the advert, yes she did, She didn’t pay in cash but she paid with her appreciation of the value she was receiving on the man’s program; And this is a program that airs in Nigeria, Ghana, US and UK. Show appreciation by investing in those who add value to you cos what you get in return would be greater than what you invested.

Master key Shortcut 4
Copy greatness: If you find someone who is doing good in their field or in a field you are interested in, COPY THEM.

If you have to sleep and wake serving them, do it.
If you have to buy every book they’ve ever written, do so.
If you have to pay to learn from them or just to hear them speak no matter the topic, please pay.
If you have to wash their car just so you can learn from them, pls wash away.
In the process of copying them you would find your own niche area and gradually you would become a masterpiece yourself.

To be continued next week

Thanks for your time and do have a great day.

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